A Message to webMethods Users

Messaging Oriented Middleware is the fabric on which all other products and services rely in order to exchange data in a way that allows the business flexibility.

What do we mean by this? It is, after all, easy enough to connect to applications together with APIs – there is no problem with this approach if all you have is a couple of applications.  But if you expand that by 100s, you soon get into a dreadful mess that is incredibly difficult to change, monitor and administer.

For years messaging oriented middleware has been used to solve this problem by decoupling the applications and putting messaging software in the middle as the cut-off point.  This allows the easy exchange of data with the flexibility of being able to change the end points as the business requirements dictate.

With support for multiple protocols and standards Universal Messaging is Software AG’s messaging backbone for the Digital Business Platform going forward, replacing the webMethods Broker as the default messaging provider for webMethods Integration Server.   UM allows us to meet today’s business needs for on-premise integration as well as taking us forward as businesses start to move services into the cloud.

Universal Messaging provides the “glue” for that hybrid integration which business wants, so they can take advantage of their investment in their people and software and the elasticity of cloud deployment.

Software AG customers who are still running on Broker need to start planning their migration project, as Broker will be out of service in 2020.

For more information, listen to the webinar by clicking below. If anyone has questions that are not answered by the standard documentation, or in the webinar, then please contact your Software AG account team.